Access & childcare


Venues: All venues have step-free access and wheelchair accessible toilets.

If you have any questions about accessibility of venues please contact us:
info [@]

Child Care

Kids are welcome, and we are hoping to provide a ‘kids-space’ at most of our events. Please let us know if you have any questions

Where possible, we will have a Kids Space on offer:
* Volunteer supervised kidspace available while you attend workshops in the building.
* Drop in arts, craft, games & activities for families & children of all ages
* Workshops hosted for age 8+ in the afternoons at Nomadic community garden (down the road from the Spark building) – exact details to follow
Please let us know on your registration form if you’re bringing children and their ages so we know who to cater for. Please share this info with people you know who it might be useful to!

More details on what we can offer

We will be running a kids space at the Spark for children age 2+, which will be supervised by volunteers. We will need you to stay in the Spark building (in a workshop/event) whilst your child is in the kids’ space. Most of the kids space volunteers are not qualified child care workers, but volunteers for the Spark.

Children will be welcome in the workshops too, although the workshop content is aimed at adults.

We also have a small pool of money to subsidise childcare costs at home (e.g. a babysitter or childminder). Let us know if you would like to access this by emailing :
info [@]

What we can’t offer:

Because our budget is small for this event, we are not able to provide a professional, registered, creche. Please note that this means our kids space isn’t regulated by OFSTED as parents are required to stay within the immediate vicinity (in the Spark building).

We cannot guarantee care for kids under 2, but if you let us know in advance we will try hard to accommodate you. Let us know by emailing info [@]